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AMITY ISLAND Wood Wick Candle- Choose Your Fragrance

AMITY ISLAND Wood Wick Candle- Choose Your Fragrance

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"Amity Island" An intoxicating unisex fragrance; sea salt sick and ozonic floral drowning in golden sun amber musk. 

"Quint's Cabana" This fragrance SCREAMS Summer! Suntan lotion, sea salt air with a coconut daiquiri in hand. Captain approved.

For a limited time! Amity Island Candle stands at 3¾ inches tall; it is made from 1lb of pure paraffin wax with a natural wooden wick at its core.  Due to supply and demand, candle does not come with a lid.

Wood wicks, as well as these larger glass vessels, have a killer throw and fill fragrance throughout larger size rooms. Wood wicks have an inviting cracking sound when lit.

This candle spews a killer throw, with approximately 40-50 hours of illumination.

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