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Pamela Parfait Wood Wick Candle

Pamela Parfait Wood Wick Candle

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A first at SickWix, a triple scented candle! Candle stands at 3¾ inches tall; it is made from 16oz of pure paraffin wax with a natural wooden wick at its core. This candle spews approximately 50-75 hours of illumination. Candle comes with black high-gloss lid.

"Tortured Woods" - Brutal balsam and cypress sick slaughtered on a pine-needled bed of blood-soaked forest floor.

“STABBIN’ FEVER” Cedarwood cabin and sandalwood sick slaughtered in a maniac musk of smoked woods.

"Campfire Carnage" is to DIE for, mutilated marshmallows toasted over smoky flames in twisted woods of vile vanilla bean. 

Wood wicks, as well as these larger glass vessels, have a killer throw and fill fragrance throughout larger size rooms. Wood wicks have an inviting cracking sound when lit.


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