AnnaHELL Wood Wick Candle

AnnaHELL Wood Wick Candle

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AnnaHELL is back! Choose your fragrance!

Candle stands in a vessel at 4 inches tall and is vesseled in a matte black glass tumbler. Candle is made from 10oz of pure paraffin with a braided cotton wick at its core. Candle does not come with a lid and it is securely packaged in a candle grade poly bag.

 This candle spews approximately 35-50 hours of illumination. 

🎃 "DIE DIE Pumpkin Pie" A SickWix classic customer favorite returns! Flesh-baked pumpkin pie splattered with whipped scream. This is a very sophisticated pumpkin fragrance which SCREAMS Fall.

🍫 “Peanut Butter Cup CARNAGE” New scent and my new fave! Sweet and nutty peanut butter notes strangled by decadent SHOCKolate. A very nostalgic fragrance, it smells exactly like those peanut butter/chocolate scratch ‘n sniff stickers from the 80s! (I’ve updated the fragrance name as peanut butter cups are a more accurate representation of this fragrance 🥰)

🍎 “Apple Cider Donut DEATH” Another customer favorite returns! Flesh made donuts drowning in cinnamon apple cider sick. A DEAD ringer for the most delicious donuts in existence. 

 🌲"Tortured Woods" - Brutal balsam and cypress sick slaughtered on a pine-needled bed of blood-soaked forest floor.

“Flesh-Baked Sugar Cookies” Flesh from the oven, a DEAD ringer for classic cookie goodness! This throws like crazy!



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