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Cozy base notes of smoky-sweet vanilla musk and delicate top notes of violet petals and topiary greens. This is a unisex fragrance although predominantly more masculine. This smells very sexy and cozy, I know you will adore it! Spray is vesseled in a 2oz size black matte glass bottle.

My sprays are known for their potency so a little goes a long way! These sprays are water-based which can cause separation (or streaming) so just give them a quick shake before use. Some oils are more viscous than others which can make them appear milky initially but they instantly dry transparent.

For those with sensitive skin please test a small patch on your skin prior to use. May also be used as a room or altar spray.

SHIP TIMES: All orders are shipped out approximately 2-3 weeks from purchase date. If you have a request for a rush order feel free to contact me here or via Instagram. Thank you! 💋

💖 Alcohol and Phthalate Free.
💖 Vegan. Cruelty-Free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
On GOD the Sexiest Fragrance I’ve Ever Smelled

Oh man. Where to start? This fragrance…is so damn SEXY! Male or female, it makes no difference because this fragrance is just so high end and cozy smelling! It’s very warm and sexy because of the smoky vanilla, but also slightly “green” and fresh smelling. This is how I imagine a sexy mountain man would smell 😩🖤 Every time I wear this I get so many compliments from men and women like every ADORES this scent! So much I have to hide it and buy backups because everyone wants a spray or two haha. Please NEVER discontinue this scent!! It’s warm, flannel wrapped snuggles by the fireplace in a cabin in the mountains in bottle, and there’s just too many good things to say about this scent so just buy it when she restocks (that is unless I beat you to it lmao). This needs to be a permanent staple in Sickwix’s core collection because it’s just too good to be limited edition 😍🖤

So good!

This smells incredible! It definitely leans more masculine, but I don't mind. I think anyone can enjoy this fragrance.

Tristan Summers
Holy Shit

This is a powdery, masculine leaning masterpiece. So glad I snagged this before it sold out. Woody, powdery.. floral background. Sprayed at 7am. Still going strong and getting compliments at 5pm. Ridiculously impressed. Needless to say I'm now fan of this house.


This smells absolutely incredible, it is more masculine but it also has some sweet vanilla type notes that make it unisex. It lasts all day and then some and I get so many compliments!