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Pack of four 10ml fragrance testers. Fragrances come in a labeled iridescent poly bag perfect for gift-giving.

“DARKNESS” Blackberry bloodbath of sparkling plums and spiced clove strangled in a black forest of evil evergreens and vanilla Winter musk.

“LILI” Black absinthe sparkled currant married in a Winter goblet of vile vanilla and blood-warm amber. A fragrance worthy of the Dark Lord’s bride.

“OONA” Spirited Winterberry magic dripping in ruby apple, cherry blossom and crystallized vanilla sugar.

“FOREST SPELL” Sparkling snow-covered trees of cedar and fir with effervescent fairy dust.

My Fragrances are alcohol free and water-based which can cause separation (or streaming) so just give them a quick shake before use. Some oils are more viscous than others which can make them appear milky initially but they instantly dry transparent.

For those with sensitive skin types it is recommended to not spray directly on skin. May also be used as a room spray. Avoid contact with eyes, lips and neck. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use of the product.

SHIP TIMES: All orders are shipped out approximately 2-3 weeks from purchase date. If you have a request for a rush order feel free to contact me here or via Instagram. Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

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lana guerra
under a spelll…

Please make a full bottle of Forest Spell ❣️😵‍💫❣️ When I ordered this sample pack, I thought this was going to be the scent I was just, it’s ok but I probably will gift it yo a friend or just use it in my house…. nope, I have only tried the Lili (whish is great smelling) and tonight I put this one on & now for the last 4 hours I keep smelling my shirt where I sprayed it & I’m totally in love! I normally don’t go for tree like scents, but there’s something about it that’s magical & making me crave a whole bottle! ☺️


Love all these scents! Hope they all come back as individual candles or sprays. Lili is a definite favorite.