Pamela 24oz Parfait Candle
Pamela 24oz Parfait Candle

Pamela 24oz Parfait Candle

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 My largest size candle to date! 24oz of slow burning, triple-scented goodness. Candle is a parfait of 3 classic SickWix fragrances, “Tortured Woods”, “Stabbin’ Fever” and “Campfire Carnage”. Candle stands at 6 inches tall; it is made from 24oz of pure paraffin wax with a natural cotton braided wick at its core. Candle comes with a hand-stained wooden lid.

This candle spews approximately 175-200 hours of illumination. 

 "Tortured Woods" - Brutal balsam and cypress sick slaughtered on a pine-needled bed of blood-soaked forest floor.

“STABBIN’ FEVER” Cedarwood cabin and sandalwood sick slaughtered in a maniac musk of smoked woods.

"Campfire Carnage" is to DIE for, mutilated marshmallows toasted over smoky flames in twisted woods of vile vanilla bean. 



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