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“Legendary Suffering” fragrance, a smoky ode to Hell, smoked sandalwood and fire with sweet bergamot, sick cedar leaf, vile vanilla and black pepper. This fragrance is indescribably what I think Pinhead would smell like, hot smoky sex dripping in sweet sadomasochistic hell. Vesseled in a black matte glass bottle.

My sprays are known for their potency so a little goes a long way! These sprays are water-based which can cause separation (or streaming) so just give them a quick shake before use. Some oils are more viscous than others which can make them appear milky initially but they instantly dry transparent.

For those with sensitive skin types it is recommended to not spray directly on skin.

SHIP TIMES: All orders are shipped out approximately 2-3 weeks from purchase date. If you have a request for a rush order feel free to contact me here or via Instagram. Thank you! 💋

💖 Alcohol and Phthalate Free.
💖 Vegan. Cruelty-Free.

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