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Is My Makeup Okay? Candle
Is My Makeup Okay? Candle

Is My Makeup Okay? Candle

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I just wanna look good for the boys!

This listing is for one Night of the Demons inspired Candle in a black glass tumbler in a fragrance of your choice. Candle stands at 3¼ inches tall; it is made from 9oz of pure and sparkled pink paraffin with a natural braided cotton wick at its core. The black glass is completely blacked out so the light is diffused when lit!

"Possessed in Pink"- If Suzanne had a fragrance, this would be it! I adore this concoction of brutal berries and rotten cotton candy drowning in a blood-bath of woodsy vanilla and musk. Don't you wanna smell good for the boys?! One of my top faves in my fragrance library!

Due to Covid supply demands lids are unavailable at this time.

This candle spews a killer throw, with approximately 20-25 hours of illumination.

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