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Wrap that flannel around your waste kids while you’re magically transported to your sonic youth and smell like teen spirit. An absolute DEAD ringer for your favorite nostalgic Head Shop aroma. This fragrance has been uncannily captured from your favorite novelty stores of the past into a potent body and room fragrance. Notes of incense resin, plastics and vinyl with a hint of musty brick building. Spray is vesseled in a 2oz size amber glass bottle.

My fragrances are made from premium fragrance oils. They are alcohol and phthalate free and are water-based which can cause separation so just give them a quick shake before use. Some oils are more viscous than others which can make them appear milky initially but they instantly dry transparent. Some skin types may be more sensitive to certain oils so it is suggested not to spray directly on skin but rather in the air or on clothing at a moderate distance due to their viscosity and for those with sensitive skin types.

SHIP TIMES: All orders are shipped out approximately 2-3 weeks from purchase date. If you have a request for a rush order feel free to contact me here or via Instagram. Thank you! 💋

Premium Fragrance Oil, Water, Surfactant, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerine, DMDM Hydantoin, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT)

❤️ Vegan. Cruelty Free
❤️ Phthalate Free
❤️Alcohol Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

I am certain our beloved Sickwix traveled to my favorite record store in San Francisco, Amoeba records, opened a bottle, captured the air and shipped it to me. From the open stock incense, musty wood shelves, layers of dust, plastic sleeves and vinyl… this captures it all. This is a fragrance I cannot get enough of.

Spookily Accurate Head Shop Scent

This scent might actually be the product of witchcraft because it has no business being this spot on. You mainly get incense, that’s a given, but I was not expecting to pick up on the plastic vinyl and musty brick building notes. How do you even bottle something like that!? If you close your eyes and really concentrate you’ll be transported to your fave head/record store. All that’s missing is the scent of cannabis and cigarette smoke lol. And the way this throws…it’s so powerful that you only need one spray MAX. Anymore and it would be an overkill. That goes for the body and room. I think this scent is a great alternative for anyone who can’t use real incense because of the smoke it gives off. It smells like the real thing, minus the smoke that some people don’t like. So if you can’t imagine yourself wearing a scent like this (it is a novelty scent and not everyone likes those on the body), I highly recommend it as a room spray/smokeless incense alternative at least. One spray means this scent will last a lifetime and you can’t beat the price. You’ve done it again, Ms. Wix! Bottling memories and experiences in a bottle 💖

Welcome to Sam Goody !

This scent is everything ! It takes me back ! Smells just like you just walked into Sam Goody ! This deserves 10 stars ...not 5 ...thank you flame mother !

Grunge never smelled so good

This is nostalgia in a vial for me. It's amazing how a scent can bring you back in time. This fragrance is that for me. The scent is dead on and takes me back to 17 hanging out with friends at the head shop! You don't need alot and it lasts all day. I absolutely love it! Honestly, you can't go wrong here. Candles, body sprays, incense, perfume oil they're all incredible . Miss wix makes really great products and she's a cool ass chick!