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TIFF Fragrance

TIFF Fragrance

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Be the ghoul of Chuck’s screams with this flirty, fun and sexy little fragrance dripping in rock n’roll! Hot pink petals, flirty fruits and sexy sparkles kissed by slutty blonde vanilla woods. Spray is vesseled in a 2oz size matte black glass bottle.

My fragrances are made from premium fragrance oils. They are alcohol and phthalate free and are water-based which can cause separation so just give them a quick shake before use. Some oils are more viscous than others which can make them appear milky initially but they instantly dry transparent. Some skin types may be more sensitive to certain oils so it is suggested not spray directly on skin but rather in the air or on clothing at a moderate distance due to their viscosity and for those with sensitive skin types.

As with all fragrance products, scent interpretations are subjective based upon interpretation. I strive for accuracy to create products paralleled to their name and descriptions.

Premium Fragrance Oil, Water, Surfactant, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerine, DMDM Hydantoin, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT)

❤️ Vegan. Cruelty Free
❤️ Phthalate Free
❤️Alcohol Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pink Chiffon Dupe?

I had been waiting quite some time for this perfume to make a comeback, and boy was it worth the wait. I know it states there would be a bit of floral notes, but to my nose this is all fruits and vanilla and I love that. To me it smells like strawberries and cream and a bit like the retired Bath and Body Works scent Pink Chiffon, which automatically transports me back to 2012. This is THEE girly girly fragrance alongside Is My Makeup Okay? and will be perfect for spring/those cool early days of summer. When I wear this all I wanna do is wear pretty pink outfits with a leather jacket and have a knife strapped to my thigh as I stroll through a bakery near a flower field on a beautiful spring day. Now I just gotta wait for the body butter to make her comeback and I’m all set.

Tabitha (@morepurplemorebetter)
Barbie is gagging

Tiff is one of my go tos, miss wix sent me this as a freebie and I immediately had to buy the body butter. The perfect girly flirty scent with a tiny bit of sex thrown in, I adore it and I’m sure you will too.

Eat your heart out

The smells she created are by far the best! This is a pretty yes Im a lady but Ill cut your heart out... Feminine and badass.